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2023-2024 Borderline Culture Series
Due to our type of Liquor license, membership is required for ticket purchase.


Annual memberships are $5.00 which will be donated to a local non profit group and entitle you to vote at our AGM, receive notifications about our shows, events and workshops at the Demmitt Community Centre, and be entered into a draw  at each concert they attend for 2 tickets to the following concert.  A member may bring guests that are non members to events.

After purchase you will receive the password.   Once you have the password, click on Buy Tickets, and enter the password.


Membership cards will be available at Event.                                                ALREADY A MEMBER? Hit the buy tickets button and enter your password.

Mariel Buckley Wayne Cover Shoot — 10.jpg
Mariel Buckley (with 4 piece)
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Doors 7pm, Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door

Unapologetically genuine, wry, and soft-hearted - Mariel Buckley has planted her flag firmly as a songwriter who’s in it for the long haul. She aims to find herself squarely on the fringes and exactly where she belongs: singing and writing songs for the underdog.

Her candor and magnetic live show have been charming listeners across North America since her debut LP, Driving In The Dark [2018]. Now with thousands of miles under her belt, Buckley looks to turn country/folk music on its head, with her follow-up album, Everywhere I Used To Be [2022]. Anchored by the haunting whine of the pedal steel, rounded out by heavy synth pads and produced by Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The Barr Brothers, Arcade Fire, The National), the resulting collection is a driving, swooning, toe-tapping catharsis; sealed and delivered by Buckley’s signature crooning brand of angst-ridden alt-folk.

Buckley and Paquin made an intentional move towards decidedly pop/contemporary production, and quickly found themselves in a daily rhythm of deconstructing and rebuilding each song to find its full potential. Backed by some of Canada’s finest session musicians, their collective efforts are showcased with abundant heart, and skillful flourishes while respecting the space necessary for the songs to speak.

Perhaps her mysterious ambiguity around genre, traditional storytelling, and identity is what gives these new songs such an honest shine. Buckley continues to be a trailblazer in her own right, with a firm grip on the steering wheel and a destination in mind - we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

“The album casually defies genre, drawing on propulsive heartland rock anthems, pedal-steel fuelled alt-country, intimate folk songs and atmospheric balladry; and Mariel uses her shape shifting Americana landscape as a vessel for her vivid narratives.”

– Brooklyn Vegan

“Buckley offers touchstones to anyone who has felt the same frustrations and feelings of being a misfit, letting them know they’re not alone and that they too can find themselves. She’s been tagged as a Mary Gauthier for the next generation. She may well be.”

– Fatea Records


pj-sauna-PatrickKing 2022_edited.jpg

Pharis and Jason
Saturday, October 14, 2023
Doors 7pm, Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door

Pharis and Jason Romero are pure craftspeople and top-notch musicians. They've won four Juno awards and seven Canadian Folk Music Awards, connecting with audiences through their music, lifestyle, and the sense of joy and ease that comes from this small-town renaissance couple. They live in the wilderness town of Horsefly, British Columbia where they write songs, learn old music, and work as renowned banjo builders J. Romero Banjos.


For Tell ‘Em You Were Gold

2023 Juno Award Winner: Traditional Roots Album of the Year

2022 Radio Charts:
* #1 on the NACC 2022 Year-End Folk Charts
* #1 Folk-DJ 2022 Year-End Album & Song Charts
* 18 weeks in TOP 10 !earshot Folk/Roots/Blues radio charts

Best of 2022 - Folk Alley

The Best Country of 2022 - Bandcamp

Favorite Moments of 2022 - Bluegrass Situation

Kim Ruehl’s Favorite Albums of 2022 - Folk Alley

The Northbloods
Saturday, November 18, 2023
Doors 7pm, Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door


 The Northbloods are an up and coming band from the mercurial plains of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. With a distinct sound that can only be described as hauntingly magnetic, these boys are guaranteed to have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands to their hypnotic rhythm. Their blend of classic blues-rock, folk, and alternative country is an auditory treat and they have proven themselves to be a driving force behind the thriving northern Alberta music scene. If you’re ever up in the land of the midnight sun, be sure to check them out and experience firsthand what these sons of the north have to offer.

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Doors 7pm Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door


Chris Jones & the Night Drivers make some of the most distinctively elegant yet driving bluegrass music heard anywhere today. Deeply rooted in tradition but never bound to it, they deliver original music with tight arrangements, emotional authenticity, and engaging humor. As actor and banjo player Steve Martin says, “Chris Jones’ voice is there with the great masters,” adding that the Night Drivers are “some of the best players in bluegrass.”

Collectively, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers have won 18 IBMA awards and have racked up 21 #1 songs. The band’s latest release, their first all-original album, Make Each Second Last, has received rave reviews and has so far yielded an unprecedented eight consecutive #1 songs, including the title track "We Needed This Ride." Their song, "Riding the Chief," co-written by Chris and Thomm Jutz, was nominated for 2022 IBMA Song of the Year. They have topped both the Bluegrass Today and Roots Music Review airplay charts with the latest album.

In July of 2022, they made their debut on The Grand Ole Opry.

Chris Jones & the Night Drivers are currently signed to one of bluegrass music’s top record labels, Mountain Home Music Company, for whom they’ve recorded four critically acclaimed albums. 

A well-established band formed in the mid-1990s, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers have become popular repeat performers at major festivals like Merlefest in North Carolina, California’s Huck Finn Jubilee, and the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. They have filled a wide variety of venues around the world, touring across the U.S. and Canada, and all over Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. Together with the band and as a solo artist, Chris has released 14 albums and racked up 19 #1 songs.

The McDades
Friday March 1, 2024
Doors 7pm, Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door


Punching through the walls of tradition, The McDades’ Celtic-rooted music fuses the spontaneity of jazz improvisation and infectious global rhythms. The Juno Award winners’ cutting edge sound is the perfect complement to their fiery performances. 

At the heart of the group are siblings Shannon, Solon & Jeremiah who grew up playing Canadian folk music alongside their parents and among artists from around the world; a unique upbringing that led to a love and respect for all music.  Their ground-breaking compositions and innovative arrangements are characterized by stunning virtuosity and a near-telepathic interaction on stage. 

With vocal harmonies that can only come from a family, and an obvious love for each other and their music, The McDades’ sound is immersed in the spirit of improvisation.  Combining original tunes and unique interpretations of traditional songs, their performances feature both energetic instrumentals and moving vocals performed in English and French.  This compelling and dynamic group “finds their groove somewhere between a down-home kitchen party, a jazzy after hours club, and a folk festival.” (London Free Press) 

The McDades are winners of the Juno Award for Best Roots Album (group) and two Canadian folk music awards (World Group of the year and Instrumental album of the year).  Their new album “The Empress” continues to highlight the group’s one-of-a-kind sound and irresistible groove.  “This Kicks!” (fRoots)


Petunia and the Vipers
Saturday, April 13, 2024
Door 7pm, Music 8pm
$27 Advance, $30 Door


Louis Armstrong was once asked what his favorite kind of music was, and his response was simple; “Good music”. Petunia & the Vipers’ sound may not sit comfortably in one certain genre, but “Good Music” describes it well.  Hank Williams on acid… Tom Waits meets Elvis at Woody Guthrie’s Hobo junction… Avant-Country night club scene music… One of the best bands in the world today, of any kind… hillbilly-flavoured-swing inflected-ragtime-goodtime-thunderously rolling-one-of-a-kind-you-don’t-want-to-miss-this-sort-of-a-show… A new music that springboards off of music of the past and jumps into the present day, left with only echoes of the past… Something in between 1920’s and steam punk. It’s good for your mind… These are just a few of the words uttered by folks around the globe trying to pin down a description of all that is Petunia & The Vipers.

If one wished to talk about the birth of the blues, one would need to dig into the influences that preceded it’s birth.  The same is true about Petunia & the Vipers. If they followed a recipe and added musical styles as ingredients, it would start by simply adding country and blues, and we’d have your basic dry ingredients right there, but lacking the true essence of their sound.  Mix in a dose of ragtime, some Dixieland jazz, a hint of bebop, some western swing and old time cowboy music, a bit of jug band & string band music. Flavor with a significant dose of Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, and a bit of Blind Willie McTell, Blind Lemon Jefferson and a few more “Blind” spices.  Now you’ve got the batter for a cake.  Bake on high with the dotted rhythms of Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, Romanian and African folk music.  Ice the whole cake with some punk rock, alternative and Bowie (who also spins off a host of influences of the UK music past), and you’ve got a delectable musical concoction…part old-tyme, part new times, part no time at all, part all-of-the-time…

Sun Ra said, “the key to freedom is discipline”. You cannot break the rules if you do not understand the rules.  Petunia and the Vipers’ sound is a familiar and yet wholly new music for that reason: they intimately understand the rules of classic Americana music(s) and where the edges of that painting lie…and they refuse to paint inside of the lines at any time. This is a new and modern band playing unadulterated, unclassified, unleashed sounds that rhyme with older sounds of the past, and are furiously driving the future wave of a new idiom.

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Leave the car at home, bus to Borderline!

We will be continuing to offer the bus service to our concerts this season from Grande Prairie!  

(pick up in Beaverlodge and Hythe available)

Help save fuel consumption and parking space, and hop on!  Questions? Check out  BUS INFO.

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Tickets for the bus can be purchased with your concert tickets! Select the concert, then add a seat on the bus!  All bus tickets must be pre arranged, no walk ons.

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